Aug 31, 2011

wednesday morning

this morning was pretty relaxed. 
jake was home - not by choice, but with a relapsed back problem.
and after ben having a low fever and congestion yesterday, we stuck around the house too.

oh, and i totally flunked at my goal to clean a room each day!
today was bathroom day (yuck!) on my list, but it was much easier to put if off until tomorrow.
however, ben and i did manage to sort and take recycling and i did two loads of laundry -
so that has to count for something, right?

tonight i'm making a hot tea and heading to bed - think i might have the little bug that hit ben.
i can't think of anything that frustrates me more than not feeling well in the heat of the summer,
and when i have a calendar full of things to do. 

i think this usually happens when i get a little too intense about being productive and forget to be content.
there is much to be thankful for in everyday.
tonight i'll fall asleep counting my blessings...

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