May 4, 2010


I have been trying to avoid blogging lately, but to keep going forward I need to post. I still don't want to believe it has happened, but I had a miscarriage on April 19. We were so excited to bring home our second little one in November. My first doctor's appointment was just 10 days away, and I was about 10 weeks along and feeling confident that all was well. That has all changed.

We are staying close as a couple and a family right now, and with each day things are a little easier. I will always remember and love that little baby, and look forward to meeting one day in heaven. We have been blessed with kindness, support and prayers from family and friends - thank you all!

I plan to keep going forward with all of my hopes and dreams, but now I have a slightly different perspective. One that I hope will continue to strengthen my faith and my family.