Mar 19, 2010

one week later

I sure haven't made much progress this week, but I think I do have a few good reasons. Our little guy had a really bad tummy for about 24 hours. Not to mention losing his cookies 6 times, 3 of those between 12am and 2am Monday morning, our washing machine decided to stop working the day before. My kind husband did make two trips to the local laundromat which was much appreciated. The week did get better as it flew by, but it looks like the final verdict on the washing machine is not good. We are going shopping tomorrow.

I hope to post more this weekend, work on the blog and spend some time sewing. There is also one special project that definitely needs to be completed.

Mar 11, 2010

the start

This is the start of my journal of creating, designing, sewing and simple living. At the same time that I begin this blog, I am also working to open my shop on Etsy. This all began back in August 2009 and is finally starting to come together. As a mom at home with an active toddler, finding "extra" time in the day has been challenging. But I am also blessed with a great husband, who is happy to help me pursue my dreams. So even though I am often lacking in patience and easily frustrated when I think everything is taking too long, I believe it is all working out - just as it should. I look forward to frequently posting about my projects and shop adventures as I learn from my experiences - good and bad.