May 29, 2012

May 23, 2012

windy wednesday

today we drove west for a little over an hour to see some close friends.
we met them about two years ago,
and quickly began spending time together.
it was also great that they only lived a couple of blocks away.
we were sad when they moved early this spring,
and miss seeing them.
so today was really fun!
both my kids played hard and enjoyed the adventure of going somewhere new.
and by somewhere, i mean the middle of nowhere.
let's just say my friend said they lived in the yellow house in the northwest corner of town.
and we had no trouble finding them.  :)
hope we see them again soon.
thanks jaime!
we had a great time in the middle of nowhere.

and speaking of friends...
i was directed here this evening.
i've already watched it several times.

May 22, 2012

tuesday - teeth & trains

i have horrible teeth,
and have managed to get through my last several cleanings with no cavities.
they were just watching a couple of things.
that changed today - one, maybe two cavities,
and i have to start using a special toothpaste.
don't get me wrong, i am very thankful for my overall health,
but my skin and teeth give me troubles.
hope i like the toothpaste!  :)
and for the record - we have the best dental hygienist!

after a fun morning at the dental office,
we spent the afternoon at home.
ben created a carnival with his trains.

they were all hauling a specific item - animals, food, etc.
and there was a carousel.
i love his stories!

we are looking forward to our wednesday -
heading west to see friends and their new place out in the country.

May 21, 2012

messy monday

today was julia's 6 month check-up.
she's weighing in at 17.8 pounds & 26.5 inches long.
one healthy little girl.
who really likes her food.
i had to laugh when she insisted on holding her spoon at lunch -
she's never done that before until today.
and the funny part is that the doctor was asking about her eating habits when we were at the appointment, and he specifically asked "does she like to grab the spoon or try to feed herself?"
like i good mom i answered honestly, "no, not really."
then we got home and ate lunch.

guess she does.

and on the flip side, ben has a new love - spraying people everything with the water hose.
jake finally had to go around the house and turn the water off so ben would stop spraying him and the car with the windows down.

oh, and just for fun.
i followed this post, to this post.
and couldn't stop laughing.
am i done with pinterest?
maybe i should be.
i'll quit tomorrow.  ;)

May 19, 2012

a good samaritan

happy weekend!
don't know about where you are, but it is way too hot here in kansas for the month of may!
makes for good line drying though - just finished hanging out a load of towels.
and now i am sitting in a quiet kitchen (jake and the kids are napping) -
i should be cleaning this kitchen, but i really want to to share this.

it's about a man who stopped.
and helped my friend.

one of my closest friends, the one who i traveled to kansas city with, sent it my way yesterday.
i had heard nothing of this man.
i was completely moved by his words and story.
it's hard to think about how different the outcome might have been if he had not stopped.
i am so glad she wasn't alone.

May 13, 2012

a beautiful day

i woke up this morning to three smiling faces,
a sweet handmade card,

and a bag of the best coffee beans in the world.
this was followed by a super yummy breakfast of french toast, fruit and bacon.
and two of the best lattes ever (made with my 18 year old cappucino maker!).

all prepared by my dear husband and kids.
can't think of a better present!
i am so thankful for each day i spend as a wife and mother.
each day is such a treasured gift.


May 12, 2012

happy mother's day

Happy Mother's Day!

we never know the love of a parent 
until we become parents ourselves.
henry ward beecher

May 11, 2012


today was awesome.
jake took the day off so i could do some cleaning, sorting and organizing.
our basement is the place where all things go... and it was getting FULL!
i was beginning to feel claustrophobic each time i had to walk down the stairs.
and since the basement area is where i work on drawing, drafting, sewing and crafting,
i was having trouble finding things and being efficient.
not anymore!
i always have good intentions,
so there were boxes full of things for goodwill, boxes for sorting, boxes for shredding, boxes for passing along to someone, and boxes for who knows what!
i'm sure you get the picture.
well, now all those boxes of stuff have been removed.
most of them are in my car for a big goodwill drop.
it feels good.
thank you jake!
it's amazing just how much i can get done with six hours of focused work.

as i was sorting, i opened a box of pictures and found this one.
me and my dad.
and yes, i know it's mother's day weekend, but i love this picture.
i am five months - the same as julia is right now.

May 10, 2012

keeping my grass green

so after the post from yesterday,
i am feeling much more hopeful, happy and thankful.
this brings me to something that's often on my mind -
the grass is always greener.
i am totally guilty of letting my mind wander to other lawns.
but it's time to focus on my own turf.

tonight i am thankful for..

my husband returning home from a four day work trip.  i've missed him dearly, and so have ben & julia.  we are super happy to have dad home again!

our two children sleeping peacefully in their room, under our roof.

taking julia to the doctor today.  i thought it might just be me suspecting things and worrying too much, but turns out she does have an ear infection.  we've got her medicine going and we are looking forward to our "happier" julia returning soon.

late nights spent drafting/drawing that help provide for our family and help us work on some big goals. 

staying up late to make sure a certain someone's new angry bird shirt is washed and ready to wear to story time at the library tomorrow - a surprise gift from dad for ben.  you should have seen that boy smile!

a small home.  i can barely cannot even keep this one cleaned & decorated the way i would like - why would i want something better?  space is highly overrated. 

my laundry room in the basement.  walking the stairs is good for my health (and all the dirty laundry piles are out-of-sight).

living in a small town. 

limited choices for shopping and dining in our small town.  this makes sticking to a budget much easier!


all of our wonderful family & friends.

tomorrow is thursday - my favorite day of the week!

clean sheets on our bed and a great book calling my name.  good night.

May 8, 2012

just because

i feel a bit overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated this week.
so i am posting a couple of pictures that make me take a deep breath.

just because.
time is precious.

May 4, 2012

five months

i'm trying something a little different this month.
i saw this idea on pinterest and wanted to try my own version.

julia is growing so fast and i am not good about writing down things...
especially in baby books.
this seemed like a great way to remember some of those things.

May 2, 2012

ben's car wash

early last week it got mighty warm here in kansas,
warm enough for some water fun outside.

after ben's quiet time, we moved his "cars" to the front yard (more shade),
turned on the water and got out the dish soap.

he was occupied for almost two hours!!!
it was wonderful.

if you know ben, you know he is a fan of thomas the train
(even though his interests seem to be changing to "bigger" kid things),
he loves books and he has an amazing memory.
roll all that together with a car wash and you are not just washing
a car, a wagon and a tricycle.
no, no
he was washing madge, the flatbed truck (his wagon),
duncan, a narrow gauge engine (his little push car)
and a new bicycle for mr. percivil (his tricycle).

what a kid! independent, determined and focused (when he wants to be).
and always thinking.

i am so thankful to share in his world.