Apr 29, 2012

a little dirt

this is our summer garden.

a little lot smaller than we would like,
but there are many reasons why we've decided to put our time and effort into some other projects.
of course i'm sure it will be the perfect year for a garden,
but we're keeping it simple.
ben enjoys looking after his two tomatoes.

we really only planned to get one,
but they were buy one, get one the day we went plant shopping.
better odds.  :)

and a smaller garden does not mean less dirt!
i can't believe how much dirt can cling to a three year old,
but it makes me feel good to know he is exploring and playing like a kid should.
no nature deficit disorder here!

Apr 26, 2012

peas & oatmeal

at least julia thought it was pretty good.
she's been watching us eat lately -
like every bite we put in our mouth!
so now she can too.
just not the same stuff, of course -
which she seemed pretty heartbroken about on the first night.
we were all eating nachos,
and i'm pretty sure she knew her peas and oatmeal were nothing close to the same!

 not too long miss julia.
you'll be eating all the "good stuff" before you know it.
how quickly you are growing!
which also reminds me i need to take some 5 month photos -
before you are 6 months!

Apr 25, 2012

fishing poles & a quilt show

last weekend was spent at home,
and even though it was full of running errands and trying to play catch up from the week -
we all found a little time to relax.
even a little time for the guys...

it was a bit chillier than expected,
but i think ben and jake still had a good time.
we had originally planned to build a fire, cook some hotdogs and have a picnic at the lake,
but that didn't happen.
oh well, maybe next time.

 and a little time for the girls...

the local quilt guild here has a quilt show every other year,
and this was the weekend.
julia and i headed out around noon,
and were able to catch the guest speaker, jen eskridge, at one.
good timing!
because she was great. 
you might know that i really admire quilts -
never made one, but hope to one day.
as you can tell from the picture, she isn't "traditional" -
she is modern, bright and bold.
and her personality matched! 
she was inspiring, funny and incredibly creative.

it was a good weekend.

Apr 23, 2012

photos from a three year old

ben took the camera for a few minutes the other day,
and here's what he thought was "picture perfect".

the tree

a machine, his car (or lawnmower depending on the situation) and the compost bin


more tree

pretty sure this was an accidental click  :)

more tree

i am sure julia is really going to appreciate her brother someday


iris and daylily

the step and his recently planted pansies

that pretty much sums it up.
he always wants to take pictures when i am.
thank goodness for digital cameras!

Apr 21, 2012

saturday smiles

here are a few things that have made me smile this week.

caine's arcade 
am i the last person to see this???
well, i still love it.  :)
so wonderful to see a kid that is so creative and imaginative.
no digital devices or expensive toys required.
i hope jake and i can inspire our kids to imagine and create like this.
and also give them the time and space to think on their own.

5 kids in 1 room
this seems like such a good idea.
even good enough for changing rooms with just two kids.
why didn't i think of this???
in a two bedroom house we are definitely "space challenged",
and our room is noticeably larger with a bigger closet and 1/2 bath.
we're not switching rooms tomorrow,
but maybe someday.
i love when i feel like we can make this little house our home -
for as long as possible.  :)

and since we are getting ready to have some family pictures taken,
i've been looking for ideas on pinterest.
i don't think it would be a good one to try with julia now,
but maybe in a few years.
this is sure how we feel on most days!  :)

kelsey j. gibbs photography

happy weekend!