Apr 21, 2012

saturday smiles

here are a few things that have made me smile this week.

caine's arcade 
am i the last person to see this???
well, i still love it.  :)
so wonderful to see a kid that is so creative and imaginative.
no digital devices or expensive toys required.
i hope jake and i can inspire our kids to imagine and create like this.
and also give them the time and space to think on their own.

5 kids in 1 room
this seems like such a good idea.
even good enough for changing rooms with just two kids.
why didn't i think of this???
in a two bedroom house we are definitely "space challenged",
and our room is noticeably larger with a bigger closet and 1/2 bath.
we're not switching rooms tomorrow,
but maybe someday.
i love when i feel like we can make this little house our home -
for as long as possible.  :)

and since we are getting ready to have some family pictures taken,
i've been looking for ideas on pinterest.
i don't think it would be a good one to try with julia now,
but maybe in a few years.
this is sure how we feel on most days!  :)

kelsey j. gibbs photography

happy weekend!

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