Jan 25, 2012

Jan 23, 2012

so many things

so many things i would love to write about.
but my days just don't allow a lot of "extra" time right now.
for now - i'll try to not get even farther behind,
and share some photos from julia's baptism.

we celebrated with a small group of family and friends over the weekend.
and this morning i had to take a few more pictures of julia in her "vintage" gown.
the blanket, shoes and bracelet were all gifts and new just for julia,
but the baptism gown was mine.

it was truly a beautiful day.

Jan 11, 2012


as you can see i'm in the mood for some updates and changes.
but these days it's taking longer than expected - everything is.

just need more of this...

Jan 4, 2012

what we're doing

these days we are trying to find our new groove.
since julia came along in november it's been BUSY,
but we are slowly starting to find more of a routine -
even though it's subject to change everyday!

i do have a "new year" post i've been wanting to write,
but just haven't found the time yet - maybe this weekend.
until then - here are a few fun pictures from the last several days at home.