Jan 27, 2013

looking back (just for a second)

yep, we are still here.
i just haven't felt like being part of the blog world for a few months.
blah - pretty much sums-up my feelings lately.

but tonight, i caved.
i scrolled through all the blogs i used to read on a regular basis.
and then i grabbed the camera bag and put the little card in the laptop.
i couldn't resist scrolling through all the pictures (all the way from november!).

so as much as i hope to look to the future with a more optimistic and brighter attitude,
i have to post a few of my favorite photos i came across this evening.
and then i hope to continue to post with a fresh outlook.

julia's first birthday

a morning at home with julia...

Christmas Eve...

Christmas morning...

first bike ride...

snow day...