Apr 12, 2012

what to wear when hunting easter eggs

so i am finally getting around to plugging in the camera since Easter weekend.
it's always fun to see what i find - especially when i wasn't the one taking most of the pictures.
here are some of my favorites..

Easter egg dyeing with the cousins.

ben feeding his new friend an animal cracker.

nap time with grandpa.

the best of the four of us (ben would not hold still!).

ready for the hunt!

love that ben is wearing his camo in this picture - perfect for the "hunt".

hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend too!
we spent a long weekend with grandma and grandpa,
and had a lot of fun - visiting, playing, eating, napping and enjoying time together.

jake and i were also surprised at how well julia did while traveling.
ben's pretty familiar with the trip so we weren't too concerned about him,
but it was the longest journey that julia has made.
it's about a three hour drive one way, and we had ZERO crying both ways.
completely peaceful and enjoyable.
and she also managed to stay pretty much on her schedule and slept through the night.
what more could you ask for?

this week has gone quickly as we unpack and get back to life at home.
really looking forward to the weekend!

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