Apr 25, 2012

fishing poles & a quilt show

last weekend was spent at home,
and even though it was full of running errands and trying to play catch up from the week -
we all found a little time to relax.
even a little time for the guys...

it was a bit chillier than expected,
but i think ben and jake still had a good time.
we had originally planned to build a fire, cook some hotdogs and have a picnic at the lake,
but that didn't happen.
oh well, maybe next time.

 and a little time for the girls...

the local quilt guild here has a quilt show every other year,
and this was the weekend.
julia and i headed out around noon,
and were able to catch the guest speaker, jen eskridge, at one.
good timing!
because she was great. 
you might know that i really admire quilts -
never made one, but hope to one day.
as you can tell from the picture, she isn't "traditional" -
she is modern, bright and bold.
and her personality matched! 
she was inspiring, funny and incredibly creative.

it was a good weekend.

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