Apr 13, 2012

reducing laundry

this is my new plan for dealing with all the "pink" laundry i've been doing lately...

diapers only.

not totally - but i've got to do something! 
ben was nothing of the spitter-upper that julia is these days.
it doesn't seem to bother her, thank goodness.
and after a little research it seems that four months is the peak of spit-up in babies.
throw in a little congestion and what seems to be a growth spurt,
and the laundry is quickly out of control.
so bring on some more of these warm kansas days!
and give me (and the washing machine) a little break.  :)

happy weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Oh I love naked babies! They are just so sweet :-) I always used bibs but it didn't help much. At least she's so dang cute! And baby laundry is fun to fold too :-)


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