May 11, 2012


today was awesome.
jake took the day off so i could do some cleaning, sorting and organizing.
our basement is the place where all things go... and it was getting FULL!
i was beginning to feel claustrophobic each time i had to walk down the stairs.
and since the basement area is where i work on drawing, drafting, sewing and crafting,
i was having trouble finding things and being efficient.
not anymore!
i always have good intentions,
so there were boxes full of things for goodwill, boxes for sorting, boxes for shredding, boxes for passing along to someone, and boxes for who knows what!
i'm sure you get the picture.
well, now all those boxes of stuff have been removed.
most of them are in my car for a big goodwill drop.
it feels good.
thank you jake!
it's amazing just how much i can get done with six hours of focused work.

as i was sorting, i opened a box of pictures and found this one.
me and my dad.
and yes, i know it's mother's day weekend, but i love this picture.
i am five months - the same as julia is right now.

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