May 10, 2012

keeping my grass green

so after the post from yesterday,
i am feeling much more hopeful, happy and thankful.
this brings me to something that's often on my mind -
the grass is always greener.
i am totally guilty of letting my mind wander to other lawns.
but it's time to focus on my own turf.

tonight i am thankful for..

my husband returning home from a four day work trip.  i've missed him dearly, and so have ben & julia.  we are super happy to have dad home again!

our two children sleeping peacefully in their room, under our roof.

taking julia to the doctor today.  i thought it might just be me suspecting things and worrying too much, but turns out she does have an ear infection.  we've got her medicine going and we are looking forward to our "happier" julia returning soon.

late nights spent drafting/drawing that help provide for our family and help us work on some big goals. 

staying up late to make sure a certain someone's new angry bird shirt is washed and ready to wear to story time at the library tomorrow - a surprise gift from dad for ben.  you should have seen that boy smile!

a small home.  i can barely cannot even keep this one cleaned & decorated the way i would like - why would i want something better?  space is highly overrated. 

my laundry room in the basement.  walking the stairs is good for my health (and all the dirty laundry piles are out-of-sight).

living in a small town. 

limited choices for shopping and dining in our small town.  this makes sticking to a budget much easier!


all of our wonderful family & friends.

tomorrow is thursday - my favorite day of the week!

clean sheets on our bed and a great book calling my name.  good night.

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