May 22, 2012

tuesday - teeth & trains

i have horrible teeth,
and have managed to get through my last several cleanings with no cavities.
they were just watching a couple of things.
that changed today - one, maybe two cavities,
and i have to start using a special toothpaste.
don't get me wrong, i am very thankful for my overall health,
but my skin and teeth give me troubles.
hope i like the toothpaste!  :)
and for the record - we have the best dental hygienist!

after a fun morning at the dental office,
we spent the afternoon at home.
ben created a carnival with his trains.

they were all hauling a specific item - animals, food, etc.
and there was a carousel.
i love his stories!

we are looking forward to our wednesday -
heading west to see friends and their new place out in the country.

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