May 2, 2012

ben's car wash

early last week it got mighty warm here in kansas,
warm enough for some water fun outside.

after ben's quiet time, we moved his "cars" to the front yard (more shade),
turned on the water and got out the dish soap.

he was occupied for almost two hours!!!
it was wonderful.

if you know ben, you know he is a fan of thomas the train
(even though his interests seem to be changing to "bigger" kid things),
he loves books and he has an amazing memory.
roll all that together with a car wash and you are not just washing
a car, a wagon and a tricycle.
no, no
he was washing madge, the flatbed truck (his wagon),
duncan, a narrow gauge engine (his little push car)
and a new bicycle for mr. percivil (his tricycle).

what a kid! independent, determined and focused (when he wants to be).
and always thinking.

i am so thankful to share in his world.

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