May 21, 2012

messy monday

today was julia's 6 month check-up.
she's weighing in at 17.8 pounds & 26.5 inches long.
one healthy little girl.
who really likes her food.
i had to laugh when she insisted on holding her spoon at lunch -
she's never done that before until today.
and the funny part is that the doctor was asking about her eating habits when we were at the appointment, and he specifically asked "does she like to grab the spoon or try to feed herself?"
like i good mom i answered honestly, "no, not really."
then we got home and ate lunch.

guess she does.

and on the flip side, ben has a new love - spraying people everything with the water hose.
jake finally had to go around the house and turn the water off so ben would stop spraying him and the car with the windows down.

oh, and just for fun.
i followed this post, to this post.
and couldn't stop laughing.
am i done with pinterest?
maybe i should be.
i'll quit tomorrow.  ;)

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