Aug 29, 2011

monday morning

this morning was definitely the best part of our day...
let's just say things went downhill after lunch, so i'm glad we had a positive start to the day.

i'm trying to pick one room a day to clean - not a "deep" clean - just the basics.
and hoping this might keep the housework from piling up and taking an entire day. 
today the "room of the day" was ben's bedroom - soon to be shared with little sister.

i also hope to use this as a "before" photo,
because i do have some plans for updating and decorating before november.  :)

i love this look - i know he was ready to be done and a little frustrated that i made him put all the trains in the bin while we cleaned the table and vacuumed underneath. 

this morning was quite nice so after cleaning we spent the rest of the morning outside.
not sure why the tricycle doesn't stay on the driveway or why he still insists on scooting with his feet and not peddling - but he does. 
that's just ben.  :) 
and i love him.

and this is ben's dog at the moment - her name is casey. 
i know he would love a real dog. 
we hope to see if we can make that happen sometime later next year, but casey will have to do for now.

like i said - the rest of the day, not so peachy.
and i am very thankful for the chance to start a new day tomorrow.
time for a glass of milk and a cookie, and the last fifty pages of The Help.
good night!

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