Aug 19, 2011

back at home

jake and ben came home last night! 
i worked until 7, so they stopped to see me when they got to town around 5:30.

i was so excited to see them both!
jake was gone wednesday and thursday,
and ben was staying with grandma and grandpa since last friday - he had a wonderful time!
ben even came home with a name suggestion for baby sister that grandpa helped him come up with...
not sure if i should share it or not - i'm afraid it might stick. 
until then, ben thinks it's hilarious and we all have to laugh too.
thanks grandpa!  ;)  i think she may already have a nickname. 

i've been busy working everyday this week 6-8 hours at my part-time job, so it did help the time to pass but it was still such a different place without my almost-three-year-old and without my husband for a couple of days too.

once i was home from work last night, we all went outside to water plants, scour the garden for veggies in need of harvest, and enjoy the warm, breezy evening.

this is what i get when i ask ben to smile - what a cheese!

confession - that tall grass behind ben is our garden this year...
what can i say - we've been busy and the weather has been less than desirable.
 it's definitely a hunt to find the vegetables!  but there are some - they're just hiding.

and LOOK...  now that the temps have been lower than 115,
and we've had a little precipitation....
we actually have tomatoes!

So glad we are all home together... and it's the weekend!

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  1. Yay for tomatoes, our garden is just fried!
    And I can't wait to meet this new little one and hear her nickname! Another and...ben is getting so big!!!! :)


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