Aug 7, 2011

ready (not yet!) for fall

 yes, i know the leaves are falling from the trees because of this crazy hot summer,
but i'm trying to remember that fall is just around the corner.

which also means someone will be turning three very shortly,
and we only have about three months until the newest member of our family arrives.
 yikes!  the days are flying by...  lots to do.
i know i would be much more productive if the weather would just cool off...
this heat is just not motivating me to get much done.

update: it's 9:24am, monday morning
the temperature outside is 71 and falling (according to our indoor/outdoor reading)
it's breezy, cool, cloudy and a little rainy...
i'd say it's the first peek at what's around the corner -
and i love it!

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