Aug 30, 2011

tuesday morning

i think i have a theme going for the week.  :)
this morning i woke up feeling tired from a rough night with little guy who wasn't feeling well.
so our day quickly became a day at home - no story time, no grocery shopping, no playing at the park.

but that was okay because i managed to stick with my daily goal of cleaning one room.
the room of the day - our bedroom.

i love this quilt!
it was made by my great-grandmother.
i've had it for about it a year, but didn't start using right away.
i was keeping it stored away - silly me! 
it is so colorful and cheerful! 
and with a room that has lots of work to do (two more layers of wallpaper to remove - already done one)
i love the quick fix the quilt brings. 

this is how i found ben just before lunch, watching pbs kids.

i put him in bed and he took a much needed three hour nap.
(i took a little one too!)
looking forward to wednesday...

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