Aug 25, 2011

road trip - my getaway

last week i wrote about what jake and ben each did over our getaway weekend - 
here's what my weekend looked like...

i spent friday evening, all day saturday and part of sunday visting with a sweet friend in manhattan.  
love that town!  or maybe i just love feeling like reminiscing about those carefree college days.
jake and i both attended ksu and met in manhattan, so it still holds a special place in my heart.
in fact, i spent over 7 years living there - first as an undergrad, 
and then again with jake while he completed his masters after we were married.  

but back to my friend...  i met susan while working in one of the colleges while jake was in grad school.
i only knew her for about a year before jake was done with school and we headed out west, 
but we have managed to stay in touch over the last three years.
it was great to share a whole weekend with her!

a weekend full of food, shopping and talking...
i was horrible about documenting, but here are some of my favorite things from the weekend.

 my favorite coffee shop in the whole world

 a really fun second hand shop

 orange leaf - two wonderful words!
this was a whole new experience for me -
we don't even have a dairy queen
so this small town girl was completely impressed.
i think i need that orange and green glass tile in my kitchen!

we also spent some serious time fabric and craft shopping.
thank goodness susan likes fabric as much as i do!

the entire time was really a treat for me - and me being just me...
a little room to breathe from my daily routine.
and though i dearly missed jake and ben, and the usual family time we share on the weekend 
i know this weekend was good for all three of us, 
each in our own way.

thanks to my wonderful hostess susan (and her husband),
grandma and grandpa, and my husband for making this weekend possible.
it was just what this mama needed!  :)


  1. I'm jealous, I miss that town! Can I sneak a ride in the trunk next time! :)

  2. When do we get to read Jake's recap of his weekend?


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