Aug 17, 2011

road trip - jake's getaway

our whole weekend was really around planned around jake's annual canoe trip. 

old friends
the kansas river

usually there seems to be some problem...
water levels - too high, too low
difficult canoe unloading and loading
extreme heat
stormy weather

but this year was near perfect!
beautiful weather
perfect water levels
real concrete boat ramps
comfortable temperatures, with a slight breeze
and even a full moon

i wasn't there to see them off, 
but i did make it to the final destination to meet them.

 that's my wilderness man leading the way

isn't this cool?  
these bird homes cover the whole side of the overpass the boat ramp was under

 ben was really exited about the whole thing  :)
i think he slept the whole time we were at the loading ramp.

jake looks forward to this trip all year long,
and i'm glad this year was such a success!

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