Aug 15, 2011

road trip - ben's getaway

as i mentioned yesterday, we left town on friday and came home sunday evening...
well, jake and i came home. 
ben continued his stay with grandma and grandpa.
and he's having a wonderful time...

playing outside
helping grandma out around the house
sleeping in and taking good naps
eating lots of yummy food
doing "guy things" with grandpa
playing with toys and reading books
feeding the fish
giving the dogs treats
a play day with cousins
and of course - lots of time just entertaining grandma and grandpa.

it's a full work week for jake and i so we are staying busy,
but the feel around the house is so different without our little guy...
we can't wait to have him home again, but we are blessed to have a little time to ourselves while he gets some quality time with grandma and grandpa.

we love you ben!
see you soon.

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  1. sounds like such a wonderful vacay! and enjoy your time alone, and hang in there until he comes home :)


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