Aug 6, 2011

our friday

i didn't work today so ben and i had the whole day together and it was a lot of fun!
(with the exception of a few timeouts in the morning, but I guess that's how it goes with a guy whose almost three.  just pushing the limits and trying to be his own man.)

ben and i ate lunch with a friend and her kids - we had mexican takeout (yum!) and dr pepper (extra yum!), while the kids ate sandwiches, chips and dip, fruit and popsicles

ben took a long nap - so a little time for me

we stopped by a garage sale - spent $6 and got two little pink clothing items, five pink/purple receiving blankets and one pink baby activity play mat for baby sister

then we headed to meet our friends at the wading pool - it was still super hot, and the water was warm but we had it all to ourselves

and later in the evening after ben was tucked in for the night,
jake and i enjoyed a date night of frozen pizza and a movie.

it's been a great day!
enjoy the weekend.

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