Aug 21, 2011

sugar cookies

i always seem to have a mile long list of things i am going to get done on the weekend...
and i'm usually lucky to actually complete one project.

this wasn't on "the list" but it is the one thing that was started... and finished.

 here's how it went...
bake cookies
(we made this super easy by buying a mix - just add butter!)

 choose the one you want to eat

 eat your chosen cookie (still warm from the oven)
with a glass of milk

 make frosting the next day
make funny faces
and get a bowl of sprinkles

 decorate the cookies...
a handful of sprinkles for me, one sprinkle for the cookie.

and enjoy!

hope you had a good weekend.
we're looking forward to a slower paced week with more time at home.
maybe i'll even get a few things marked off "the list" before next weekend.  :)

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  1. delish! and thank you so much for your congrats on our sweet babes :) xoxo


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