Sep 1, 2011

thursday morning

this morning i had my 28 week appointment - all is well with baby girl!
jake was able to stay at home with ben, which made it a little easier.
and since i wasn't busy keeping ben occupied during my appointment, i actually had time to discuss a few things with the doctor.
always puts my mind at ease to ask a few questions - even if this isn't my first pregnancy.
i did have to get the rh factor shot though - not a fun one! 
but i'm also a wimp with needles.  :)

speaking of needles...
i've also been making a little time for something i really love doing...
stitching by hand.

i don't usually follow any pattern and i don't know a lot of different stitches,
but i really enjoy the simplicity of fabric, thread and a needle.

oh, did you notice - i didn't mention cleaning today either???
maybe i'll start my "room a day" plan again next week...

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