Sep 21, 2011

the day after

yesterday was the official birthday day, and honestly -
it was not the "perfect" day i had been planning...
it was actually a really difficult one.
i think someone forgot to tell the birthday boy to enjoy his day! 
and someone forgot to tell his mama to quit having unrealistic expectations  - i just can't control everything.
(you think i would have figured that out in thirty-three years!)

but this morning the sun came up, and we enjoyed a wonderful day together.
in fact, everything that "was not" about yesterday "was" today.  

a happy boy woke up and immediately started to play with his new birthday toys, 
went to a playgroup with friends,
was laughing and smiling all morning,
ate a good lunch with mom,
cooperated and listened,
read stories,
took a great nap,
went to his first fiddle/music lesson,
went for a drive in the country with mom,
enjoyed a nice dinner with mom and dad,
played candyland with mom and dad,
played trains with dad,
picked up toys,
got a wash down (still no showering/bathing in this house),
and headed to bed like a big boy after three stories.

it was a good day!

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