Sep 13, 2011

still under construction

we're still working on the bathroom.
it's now been over a week, and progress has felt really slow at times but things are moving along.
just not as fast as we would like.

jake has found plenty of other issues along the way that he's had to deal with, so by the time we finally get to the actually tiling - it might seem like the easiest part of the whole project.
i'm so glad he is a patient man (who is also good at doing the work himself!).

although the last week has been a bit of a struggle we were excited to have my brother and sister-in-law in the area for a visit over the weekend. 
we took time out from our home projects to visit and catch up with them.
this also included a baby shower for my sweet sister-in-law who is due in december.
it's really amazing that we are pregnant at the same time - just wish we were closer.
our little ones will probably be six months old before we see them in person again.

the rest of our week will be spent working on the bathroom, organizing the chaos in the rest of the house and getting ready for a birthday party.

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