Sep 29, 2011

a baby sprinkle

until yesterday i did not know that a baby shower after your first baby is called a baby sprinkle.
i'm not always up on the latest trends, so that's really no surprise.
but whatever it's called it was a wonderful treat when my friends from the library surprised me with one yesterday morning.
i received beautiful baby gifts - many handmade, and all very special.

did i ever mention how much i love books?
even though finding the time to read seems to be the difficult part these days.
i even used to pretend to have a library in our house when i was little and i was the librarian.

and i don't remember if i ever really mentioned it but i had been working at our local library part-time since last december.
but since the beginning of september i have been off the schedule. 
we decided it was best with baby arriving in november and the library was changing hours too.
i do miss working there and the friendships i made... but i am happy to be at home full-time again too.

a special thanks to my friends at the library!
you've always made me feel at home.

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