Sep 14, 2011

happy today

i am REALLY missing my daily shower...
and it's not because we don't have enough friends offering to let us come over for wash, but really because it seems to be harder to find the time to load up and go get clean somewhere else.
but enough of my whining.
today has been full of many simple treasures...

a pair of $5 sunglasses and a $7 pink tote on clearance at walmart.
hope to use the tote for baby girl - maybe add a few embellishments. 

a healthy 30 week baby check up.

shopping with ben for birthday party favors and treats.
everyday he is becoming even more of his own person and i love sharing it with him!

cool weather (after another three day hot spell) so i can turn off the ac and open the house.

a bathroom that is plumbed and ready for the next step of hanging new wall board.

dinner in the crockpot.

loaded tomato plants after a HOT summer with little garden produce.

eating homemade cookies from my mom - sent frozen and ready to bake.

and a little guy who may not be potty trained, but has been pooping everyday!
this is a HUGE step for us.

hope you are finding some
happy moments in your day!

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