Sep 23, 2011

power naps and a picnic table

oh, friday at last!
we're looking forward to a weekend at home with some small town events, 
and hopefully finding the time (and energy) to complete our bathroom project.  

speaking of finding the time, i've still got a big list of things i am working to complete before baby arrives but this last week i've napped for 45 minutes each day. 
i read ben his nap time stories and then lay down for a recharge. 
the guilt of napping has become less and less each day. 
and the funny part is i've woken up at 2pm each day - just need that 30-45 minutes. 
it's making all the difference in my energy level to make it through the day. 
especially for a night owl like me.

and look what we brought home for FREE last night!!!

i couldn't believe it when i stepped out to get the clothes off the line after dinner last night,
and this picnic table was sitting out across the street behind our neighbors house with a FREE sign on it. 
i quickly asked (shouted) at jake to come outside. 
there were plenty of cars were driving by and checking it out - i figured we had to move fast!
jake quickly walked across the street and looked it over.
not perfect, but usable for now and easily updated with new paint on the frame and new lumber.
another project to add to the list for next spring.  :)
jake stayed with the picnic table while ben and i asked a neighbor to come help carry it back to our house. 
a few minutes later we had a our own picnic table.

a place to eat outside - had our first picnic today.
a place to do projects/crafts outside - already thinking about pumpkin carving.
a place to pot plants - need to go get some mums and pansies.
and many other backyard daydreams.
for now it will stay "as is" but we do hope to freshen it up one of these days.

tonight i had dinner ready a little early so ben and i could head to the local high school football game.
it was the first time ben had gone to one, and we had a lot of fun.
jake stayed home to work on the bathroom, but ben and i met up with friends.
the kids ran around, we visited, and ate popcorn and m&ms.
a great small town friday night.

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