Sep 8, 2011

diy - we had a plan...

but it changed.

jake took this entire week off.
we had BIG plans for accomplishing a lot of home projects, as well as some family time.
that was all changed on monday.

the main goal of jake's diy work was to clean and re-grout our shower/bath.
our home was built in 1962 and still has "beautiful" pink tile in the bathroom.
i have never been a fan of it, but decided for now we would just give the tile a little tlc, remove the carpet (also not a fan of carpet in a bathroom!), and do some good deep cleaning.
well, it's never that easy, is it?
of course not.

jake purchased his tools and supplies, and began to start removing the old grout...
and what was behind the inserted soap dish? a four letter word.
our two or three day project is now on day four and we have a long way to go.
thankful, it was a fairly contained area and had not spread to the framing.
jake was able to remove all signs of mold, and moisture damage by removing the tile and wallboard.

we've researched, googled, planned, and shopped.
and now jake is putting in long days removing, demolishing and prepping the area.
we decided to tackle the shower/bath area for now and then over the next several months we'll complete the entire project.
in fact, we've already got most of our finishes, colors and products selected.

here's how it's all looking.
bet you wish you had that pink tile in your bathroom too!  ;)

ben is also visiting grandma and grandpa for a few days.
we felt it would be make for better working conditions, and still allow us to accomplish a few other projects if ben was out of the house.
our original plan for the week even included a few evenings fishing with him and making hot dogs over a fire... so we were pretty bummed when this all changed, but we don't have much of a choice.
when you have only one shower/bath in the house - making sure it is in working condition becomes top priority.
but i still miss him. 

so while jake has been working SUPER hard in the bathroom, i have been trying to clean, organize and sort
in order to get ben's room ready to share with baby sister.
thanks to my friend jaime, who let me borrow her carpet cleaner, i am excited to report that the kids' room is empty and the carpet is drying.
i love it!
it always makes me feel good when i REALLY clean.
hopefully it will dry by tomorrow evening and we can begin installing ben's new bed and the crib.
after that it's time to hang new window treatments, organize the closest to include some pink and purple and make the room extra special - for both little people.  :)

but right now, i'm exhausted (and a little dirty).
so i'm ready to get some sleep, and head to a friend's house in the morning for a shower.
good night.

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