Aug 23, 2010

favorite (compact stroller)

We are so glad the mornings and evenings are starting to be comfortable again for walking!  That leads me to another of our favorites...

July 2009

We decided to purchase this stroller after an entire afternoon of shopping for one. 
Here are some of the reasons why we chose it...
  • Super sturdy construction - you could tell by just pushing it around the store where we "test drove" every compact stroller available.
  • The highest weight limit of any comparable stroller (if you can't tell this has always been important to us!).
  • Easy to open and close - really!
  • Very lightweight - great feature if you have to carry it around at all.
  • Compact - fits well in our Honda where finding space can often be challenge.
  • Large umbrella shade that keeps it shady and stays open without a problem.
  • Breathable fabric that seems to help prevent sweating or overheating.  I
  • Comfortable height of handles for pushing - this really sold me on the stroller!  I didn't feel like I had to hunch over. 
I am sure I could keep going, but these are some of the top features that sold us on the stroller.  It was a little more of an investment, but we use it all of the time and are still completely happy with it.   Happy strolling!

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