Aug 16, 2010


Something I don't always do well.  
 Things seem to take so much longer than I think or hope they will - but such is life.

I definitely never expected my 2 year old (almost) to help me become more patient, but he is - everyday.  As I try to keep my cool to help work through his frustrations and disappointments, I find myself also being able to keep my cool when I face my own daily challenges.  It's great - and completely unexpected! 

Here's some recent photos of my favorite little guy...

After seeing a little of a game on television, he's really been excited about baseball.  
We bought him this set last weekend and it's a hit! 

Eating peaches off the neighbor's trees.  YUM!

 Eating okra on the tricycle - this pic is for Grandpa George!

 Watering on a REALLY HOT day in Kansas.

That's all for my Monday.  I did finally finish sewing all the bibs and burp cloths, 
but they will have to wait until tomorrow evening for their snaps - so no pictures of them yet. 
Patience, patience, patience!

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