Aug 19, 2010

favorite (music for little ones)

Grandma Kathy first introduced us to Raffi when Ben was only three months old, and he's been a favorite in our house ever since.  We have two of his CDs (gifts from Grandma) and one VHS tape - yes, we still have a VCR. We came across the old VHS, dated early 1980s, at our local library sale table this past winter.  It has been worth much more than the fifty-cents we paid for it!  :)  I also have a Raffi station on Pandora.

There are hundreds of musical groups and artists singing kids songs, but Raffi is on the top of our list.  We watch him at home, listen to him at home and listen to him in the car.  I guess you could say he's almost like part of our family!

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