Aug 29, 2010

old friends, new friends

Last Friday my old (we've known each other since college) friend Mandy called to see if Ben and I would like to meet for lunch.  We live a little over an hour apart, but there is a small town pretty much halfway between us.  I thought about how much I was trying to get done around the house and for my shop, but decided to forget about that stuff and get out of the house.  I'm really glad we did - it was a lot of fun!

Mandy brought her youngest, Marlee, who just turned one and is as CUTE as can be!  After lunch in the local cafe, we headed to the city park.  Lots of fun and beautiful weather!  It was really great to visit while the little ones played.

Thanks Mandy, hope we can meet again soon!

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  1. We had a great time, too! We loved seeing you both!


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