Aug 30, 2010

sweet autumn

I've just started to smell the fall coming, and I am really excited because fall is absolutely my favorite season.  We were married in the fall, we moved into our first house in the fall, and our son was born in the fall.  

This may sound crazy, but I believe each season has it's own smell.  It's hard to describe, but to me the smell of fall is crisp and earthy - like a cool day spent raking leaves when a few neighbors have started burning wood in their fireplaces.  And even if you don't buy my smelling technique, fall really is coming - I promise.  
Tomorrow is already the last day of August!

Another of my favorite signs that fall is on the way is our Sweet Autumn Clematis in bloom.  I've loved it ever since I learned about it back in my horticulture days.  So it was wonderful to find that we already had one established in our backyard when we bought our house.  It has just started blooming over the last week, and the fragrance is truly is sweet.  Our clothesline is also right next to it, so I love hanging laundry just because of the sweet smell.  

Hope you all had a great Monday!
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