Aug 18, 2010


Living on a budget really makes you appreciate anything and everything you can do yourself.  My husband is responsible for most of the DIYing in this house.  That is because he is incredibly patient and willing to research just about anything until he knows enough to do it himself.  Over the years this has included such items as car repair, truck repair, computer repair, and household repairs.

Here are several items he has been able to repair or do just this week...

  • Flash drive - Thank goodness! It contained all of our current budget and financial records.  The thought of having to spend hours redoing that information was very depressing.  (I won't go into the details of how the flash drive was damaged, but I will say I did learn that I had better work on making sure backups are CURRENT!) 
  • Sewing machine - It wasn't really broken, but I dropped a new needle (my last one) down inside the machine.  My wonderful husband was able to take it apart, retrieve the needle plus a few extras and cleaned it!  It runs better than ever now.  (I also promise to start cleaning my sewing machine more frequently.)
  • Install snaps - There were over two dozen bibs that all needed snaps put on them.  Jake is also much better at "snapping" than me.  (He gets them with just one swing of the hammer - takes me a few.)  This is also VERY helpful!
I am very grateful that I will not receive a bill for any of this work - I couldn't afford him.  Thanks for everything honey!

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