Aug 3, 2010


There is no way I can open my Etsy shop this week...

I am disappointed, but there is no way - even if I stayed awake for the next 36 hours. July was even busier than I expected and with Jake super busy meeting deadlines at his job, I've had to do a little adjusting lately. I AM still going to keep focusing and working toward opening my shop, while I continue to do my best as wife and mom. I hope to be celebrating the delayed GRAND OPENING within the next couple of weeks.

On a lighter note...

My reality is also that Ben has always struggled with having regular dirty diapers - this weekend was the worst it has ever been. We had to see a doctor. (You would not believe how much we've discussed his poop over the last 22 months - we've never really even had a diaper blowout, until today.) The doctor gave us a prescription - let's call it "poop powder" because I can't remember the name. We were concerned because it didn't seem to be working and we were on our third day of no dirty diaper. Shortly after discussing this at lunch, Ben easily produced 3 dirty diapers in a row. The "poop powder" does work!


  1. I don't know why but this really made me laugh! I'm so sorry little Ben is having "issues" but I had to smile! Oh the life of a mom! :)

  2. It's definitely funny - now that we've taken care of the problem. Go ahead and laugh!

  3. Also..laughing. This will not be the end of your poop discussions.


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