Aug 26, 2010

behind the scenes

Since many of my recent posts have not been sewing or handmade business related, I thought I should let you know that I really am working on my Etsy shop - just behind the scenes.   :)  I promise!

 For the most part I have finished all the items I plan to initially list, but that leaves me with lots of details.  Most of the details are related to setting up my shop - writing item descriptions, taking photos, organizing and pricing.  And some of the details are so new to me that they are requiring a little more research and work - like sales tax.  I know things can't be perfect when you are just starting out (surprises happen) but with that in mind I am doing my best to start with things as organized and thought-out as possible.  This translates into waiting just a bit longer before opening my shop. Until then I plan to keep blogging and working hard.  

I do have a little plan in mind for when to open my shop, and a couple of my items to giveaway in celebration of the opening, so please stay tuned!

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