Oct 3, 2011

the last tile

was installed yesterday.
all by my very own husband.

they look AMAZING!
and i can't wait to finish the rest of the bathroom renovation,
but we've decided to finish up the shower/tub project, clean-up,
remove the icky carpet and call that good for now.
with baby coming in about 8 weeks and having already used a month of time on this project, we think it will be best to wait until january to tackle the rest of the bathroom.
we've got plenty of other things to do on the "before baby gets here" list. 

so the remaining plan...
grout tonight.
seal tomorrow.
SHOWER on wednesday!!!
this week is looking good so far.

and we just had our 32 week baby appointment this morning.
everything is still looking great.
we are really looking forward to meeting our little girl... but hope she waits another 8 weeks before arriving.

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