Oct 4, 2011


one of these days i'll blog about something else...
maybe my sewing, decorating or etsy shop - you know the things i dream about doing.  :)
but for now our life is still revolving around the bath/shower project.

last night jake put in a LONG evening and got the grouting all done.

we chose a light grey grout, and we were a little nervous how dark it looked going on.
but today, after it's been drying, it looks just like we were hoping it would.

still loving the blue glass!

we are super happy with the results!
now - caulking, drying and clean-up.

we originally thought we'd be showering tomorrow evening, but after further reading it looks like waiting 10 days for the grout + sealer we used is the recommended dry time. 
and after all the time, money and hard work that's gone into it we've decided to wait the extra time.
october 14th!  that's circled on all my calendars.

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  1. I'm really impressed with Jake's talent ... AND patience ... with this project!


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