Oct 6, 2011

worth it

somedays i would love to go shopping and impulsively make purchases - 
without thinking about our budget.
somedays i would love to have date nights out on the town with my husband - 
not just eating dinner after ben's in bed and watching a movie.
somedays i would love to hire contractors to do our home projects - 
like a bathroom renovation.
somedays i would love to go on a family vacation - 
not just a day out in the "big city" or a state park.
somedays i would love to eat in a restaurant or grab take out more often- 
so i don't have to think of something to make, go to the store, or clean the kitchen.

those thoughts do cross my mind, but on days like today all those thoughts can't compare.

all the small sacrifices and choices jake and i make so i can stay-at-home are totally
worth it.
i know not everyone has a choice to stay-at-home, and it's not what works for everyone.
but i feel the luckiest mama ever when i get to share something as simple as a frosty and french fries with my favorite three year old.
and even though it means driving old cars, using coupons, staying close to home, and being willing 
(and creative) to find ways to supplement our income - to me it's all 
worth it.

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  1. I love this post :) thank you
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