Oct 17, 2011

8 out of 16

today is a beautiful fall day here in kansas - crisp and cool!
i'm loving the weather, but not the fact that october is half over.
i woke up this morning and immediately began feeling overwhelmed,
and then i glanced at the calendar and counted...
we have been away from home 8 days out of the last 16. 

could this possibly be why...
our home is a wreck?
there has been no meal planning lately?
our yard needs a fall clean-up?
laundry is piled high?
and i am not feeling ready for the arrival of our new baby?
mmmmm, i think maybe so.  ;)

so, this afternoon i am gathering my thoughts, making my lists, starting to tackle projects,
and praying for some extra energy and patience.
i am also looking at my calendar and feeling more at peace knowing we are scheduled for more time at HOME.

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