Oct 29, 2011

a little piece of my heart

quite a while ago a posted a picture of a hand stitched project i was working on...
well, i've finally finished it.

and the meaning behind is one quite dear to my heart.
almost exactly a year ago we were expecting to welcome a new baby into our lives.
but that didn't happen.
it broke my heart.

but as time and prayer seem to do - i have healed.
and we are now ready to welcome our baby girl into our family in just a few weeks.
that said - i will never completely forget having the miscarriage, and i don't think i want to -
i want to keep a special place in my heart for the little one we've yet to meet.

that led me to stitching the crabapple.
it was spring time when everything happened, and our crabapple looked amazing.
it's directly out the view of  our kitchen window,
and i can remember looking out and seeing the beautiful pale pink and white blooms.
as the kansas wind blew, it was like it was snowing.
this gave me a sense of peace.

as time passed, i knew i wanted to make something that would allow me to remember without dwelling.
that's what this project was all about.
each lazy daisy, and each french knot were stitched with love.

hope you are having a lovely weekend.


  1. Oh my goodness. This is absolutely stunning.

  2. That is both gorgeous and heart breaking Kristin. I love your token of remembrance! It's so precious :-)


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