Oct 27, 2011

i want to remember

today was just a normal day for us, but at the same time it was one of those days that everything seemed to fall together and be the way i had always pictured things when i thought about being a mom and a wife.
(well, if you forget about the wasted trip to walmart to try to get tires - but that doesn't count right now!)

there was story time...

our second time at the "big kid" one that ben goes to by himself.
(i've still been staying in the library, but he's on his own - for 45 minutes!)

and there was the brisk fall weather...

that we enjoyed by having afternoon snacks outside,
and then playing in the leaves.

to finish our evening we had pizza,
and then popcorn while we watched the charlie brown shows on tv.
ben cracked up several times when he saw charlie brown's ghost costume and said,
"he cut too many holes!"

definitely a day to remember.

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  1. Hey is getting so big! can't wait to see his costume this year! :)it will be hard to beat charlie brown! :)


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