Oct 14, 2010

pumpkins and fall decorating

First, let me say my day started by looking at this blog post
My heart melted! 
Unruh Photography is amazing and does an awesome job of capturing the moment. 

Now back to pumpkins...

Today we went with a friend to Harvest Farm & Pumpkin Patch
It was a great time! 
We also made some new friends while we were there.
There were lots of things to do.  In fact, we were so busy doing things that I only grabbed some shots of us leaving. 
That's Ben in the loaded wagon, heading to the car with our finds.

Then we went to lunch at Carolyn's Essenhaus.  
I can't believe we haven't gone there before.  It was wonderful!
Yes, that's Ben - eating an individual butter from the bowl of them on our table.

Now our home is looking a little more like fall...
The gourds on the fireplace are some of my favorite things.  I bought them a few years ago.  They are dried, stained and sealed, so I can use them every year.  :)

I like the way the little pumpkins and gourds look in the bowl.
Jake's folks are updating their kitchen and his Mom has been busy sorting things - and passing some on to new homes. 
So I brought home a few items (three bowls) last weekend.  They are all being put to good use.  :)

I hope to do a few more fall decorating projects - like switching out my variegated spider plant for a mum, and throwing out my pink begonias - but I think we're off to a good start. 

Happy Friday!
Enjoy the fall weekend.

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