Oct 13, 2010

apple cake for breakfast

Did I mention how awesome my husband is? Well, he is.
He stayed up really late last night and made Apple Cake. 
He was flipping through the Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book - the classic red and white checkered one - and said Apple Cake sounded great for breakfast. So he made it.

With apples from his parents' apple tree that we brought home from our visit over the weekend.

It was great for breakfast.  And an afternoon snack during nap time.

And since he was on a roll, he made his famous pizza this evening. 
He's been perfecting it for quite a while.
I can't seem to get it down so Dad makes the pizza in our house, but I help by prepping all the toppings.

yellow pepper(from our garden) and onion

mushrooms and black olives

Jake makes the BEST almost-homemade crust using 2 boxes of Jiffy Pizza Crust.

It's baked for a bit on a round ceramic pizza stone thing I got years ago - I think it's from Pampered Chef.

He brushes on a little melted butter with garlic and herbs.
Then tops it with leftover spaghetti sauce, pepperoni, onion, yellow pepper, mushrooms, black olives and lots of shredded cheese.  YUM!!!  It goes back in the often and cooks for a little longer.

Then it's time to eat!  With parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes of course.

Long ago, Jake used to amaze me by cooking or grilling food that included things like salmon, shrimp, and steak, but now family pizza night is just about as good (or better).

I'm a lucky girl and I love eating apple cake for breakfast and homemade pizza for dinner.
With my two favorite guys.  One of them bakes the apple cake and makes the pizza.
One of them is only about 3 feet tall, and he wears the coolest shirts.

And likes to ring the doorbell.
Mom usually gives him a cookie.  Dad makes silly faces.

The best kind of evening.

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