Oct 17, 2010


Um, remember my post on Friday about getting things done?
Well, it's Sunday evening and I have done no sewing and added nothing new to the shop.

I do have good reason - Ben spent most of the weekend with Nanna, so we worked on a lot of projects around the house.
Here's what did get done:
serious yard work, updating Ben's room, rearranging living room, cleaning my sewing/studio workspace, fabric and supply shopping, and best of all...

some time with my husband - talking, eating, watching movies, and dreaming.
this was wonderful.

Tomorrow is Monday and I plan to have a week that is just as productive as our weekend has been - just in sewing and blogging of course!

Hoot!  Hoot!
I also had to mention Owl he's my favorite fall decoration and I forgot about him in my fall decorating post.
He was passed along to me from my Mom.  He was always in our home growing up. Very vintage.  :)

Hope your week is off to a great start.

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  1. how did i not see this before? i have the SAME exact owl that my was my hubby's grandmas -passed down to us. its in our play room, i have to take a picture and show you!


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