Oct 8, 2010

a wise man told me

Never confuse activity with accomplishment.

My father-in-law first introduced me to this saying about a year ago. (I think it's from John Wooden.)  It's really been on my mind this week. I've felt like I am running on a treadmill and can't run fast enough. The time I usually work on my shop and blog - during afternoon nap time or after Ben has gone to bed - has seemed to disappear. I hope to find it over the weekend and start fresh next week.  I have so many projects I would like to work on - designing, sewing and creating - as well as some blog updates.

Despite the fact that I'm behind with my plans for the cotton tree,
here's what I did get accomplished this week...

Made jack-o-lanterns with Ben from brown paper bags.

Visited Botanica with my Mom (aka Nanna).  Have you ever been? If you're in Kansas, I would recommend it.  It's a beautiful place! And they are currently in the process of building an entire children's garden. I think it will be amazing!

A nice perk from doing an internship there years ago - you know the guy in charge and he gives you a personal, motorized tour of the gardens. Thank you Mr. McK!

Went to lunch with a friend from college without a toddler accompanying me.   It was a great time and just what I needed for an energy boost.  I also brought home three huge tubs of fall/winter boys clothing for Ben.  Thanks Mandy!   I LOVE hand-me-downs!

Made incredible pumpkin muffins.  
We all like them, and we're pretty particular about our pumpkin foods here.

Created a fish and pancakes with blueberries out of Play-Doh.

And we've finally decided (I think) on what to wear for our family pictures this weekend.  Last year's pictures were wonderful and I can't wait to get some updated ones.   But I've been going a little crazy trying to figure this out - not too matchy, not too summery, not too wintery, etc - without buying anything new.  That's probably taken more of "my time" than I would like to admit. ;)

And now I think I'm ready for the weekend.
Hope you enjoy yours!


  1. i LOVE last years pictures and can't wait to see this years!!

  2. Great to see you guys Saturday!I Hope your weekend was a blast!


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